Rellys Tonu – Playboy Romania – April 2014

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Paris – Bedroom Babe Paris! – 15 April 2014

“I once did rude things on the London Eye!”

This week’s Nuts Bedroom Babe is 23-year old Paris from, erm, London! A Beauty Therapist by trade, who clearly knows a thing or two about how to look good, Paris admitted to some naughty shenanigans on the London Eye once upon a time, and her ideal first date is to be whisked away to a private island, not that she’s asking for too much gents!

Stacey Poole – Stacey Poole and friends topless video! – 13 April 2014

Minds = blown

Gents, we’ve been in this business a long time. So trust us when we say that this video will BLOW YOUR MIND.

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