27 thoughts on “Vounal Nundlal – Playboy South Africa – Nov 2012

  1. A_savy

    Firstly Congrats to Vounal, you look beautiful. Also the pics are tasteful.
    Vishal she is not a “pornstar” she is a model. Porn stars act in movies!!!! Also please read up on her and you will find that she is actually an intelligent young woman who is furthering herself.
    Do not degrade her by calling her porn stars.

    There is also a huge fuss about her posing nude within the Indian community, which i think is utter nonsense. Look at how classy and beautiful she looks…

    I dont understand how we as Indians get upset or say that posing nude ruins the moral fibres of our society and get upset at the thought of Playboy yet it is FINE for other South African Indian female celebrities to pose in FHM basically nude. There are barely scraps of fabric covering their most intimate parts in those FHM shoots. We praise those women because they didnt show everything, namely Shashi Naidoo and Kajal Bhagwandeen.

    As Indian people we need to stop living in the primitive ages and been delusional. Worst things are happening in our Indian community that are of greater concern than nude pics.

    1. vishal4nw

      Hey I’m sorry for my previous comment was out of line, yes she is an impressive women and ceased this opportunity with playboy. I have read up on her and is impressed :)

  2. Rocky

    Go girl..it’s your body and your life..your 25 000 dollars too..What’s morality gotta do with it..who cares anyway..enjoy, one day when you older, you can look back and either laugh or smile at the nude pictures, with the grandkids, they may think your proportions in comparison to their photos are outta fashion, as they may possibly have better modest artwork..you never know..

  3. Justplaya

    Its nice to see a top southafrican model on playboy and as a south african indian model she is a shining star. I personaly wud love to see more south african indian models on playboy.

    1. A_savy

      To all the idiotic hypocrites on this forum giving their two cents worth if you going to be vulgar and do not approve of Playboy DONT COMMENT OR VIEW THE PICS.
      To Nishie please dont behave like young Indian girls are saints, they have sex before marriage, fall pregnant, have abortions, take nude pics and also videos…. This is what the youth of today, black, white, Indian or coloured do now. So dont behave like we live in the stone ages and im sure your daughter has done naughty things which you do not know about, go raise your children and stop surfing the internet for places were you can note your one sided comments.
      How can you call her a BITCH, did your father sleep with her Kevin????????????????
      I dont think it is wrong to pose nude in Playboy. What about the models clad in itsy bitsy bikini`s in the magazine or posing by just covering certains parts with cloth. Look at FHM people!!!!
      The problem is we as Indians do not have an open mind and pick and chose what is appropriate..Like when we send our daughters out to the clubs in basically nothing on…That is fine as no1 knows, not noted in magazines or the front of the newspaper…..
      It is her life and she can do whatever she wants at the end of the day she has to live with the repercussions not any of u or your kids.
      The youth of today do what they want im sure her parents didnt have much choice.
      She isnt the only Indian that has posed for Playboy SA what about Marissa Christopher?????
      there wasnt an outcry over those pics which were much more racey.
      I think we have a huge problem as Indians, do all the wrong things “under the covers” so we dont have to be labelled as immoral. All of your people on this forum must go get a life or dont view things that DISTURB you. If you support Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton or watch reality TV and find that acceptable than something is wrong with you if a few nude pics gets you angry.
      They made PORN VIDEOS and became famous. Know your peoples facts, stop labelling things that do not concern your lives as your children are already infected with FaceBook, Twitter and the Internet. if you teach your children morals and values then they should have no problem making the right decisions when they become adults.

  4. Jav

    She is a dam work of art!! Finally our indians can be noticed for their true potencial I don’t know how our indian community can object to that…to vounal well done absolutely amazing!

  5. ASHO


  6. kevin

    Her parents probably never loved her or gave her up, she looks single and miserable, she’ll probably end up alone for the rest of her life..sick indian bitch!!

  7. Dhiren

    Wow… Too good ! Her father must be so proud of her ! She really is setting a good example to our youth ! I honestly wish my daughter would try this out !

    Essentially selling pics of your body isn’t bad , you just getting paid to flash your goon ! Who cares if all the lytys are wanking over her pics.

  8. nishie

    What is so classy about taking your clothes off??? In my opinion I think its disgusting and what type of message is she sending off to her generation!!!! It distasteful and degrading to mainly the indian woman out their, who have been brought up with morals and principals….I as a parent of a young female disapprove of this disgraceful behavior, then again that’s my opinion,,, her parents think differently, allowing her to expose herself to the world,,, guess they ok with men of all ages being able to lust over her naked body!!! Its reali sad that even her dad knows what she looks like naked, and his mates,,, as a parent I can’t see myself dealing with that!!!! She seems so proud of herself but proud of what,, a porn star,, can’t wait for her to be a parent especially to a girl,,,,, this reali disgust’s me,, I pray I never meet her in person,,

    1. sniper89

      fuck off nishie. who gives a fuck what you think?
      your husband is probably screwing the maid and you don’t even know it.
      your daughter could be sucking guys off in the bush.

      no ones forcing you to buy playboy, no one is forcing you to go online and look at her pics.
      so ,why is what she does any of your business?

      it is just PICS. nothing else.
      if she is proud of her body and wants to be paid to pose in playboy, thats her concern, not yours.

  9. Demented

    Its sad that you have to degrade yourself this way. Obviously wasn’t loved as a child. How can you people say that you are proud of someone who is exposing herself for money? What’s going to happen to your professional image if you do decide to do something with your life? Always think twice before doing something, be it controversial or otherwise. I don’t know how people can not call her a porn star, be it hustler or playboy…porn is porn.

  10. Selvan

    Indians in general have been stereotyped as been very reserved , modest and shy people.
    But times have changed largely due to the westernised influence. To those that still want to live in the dark ages , so be it! Those of us that are in with the times , lets stand by our Indian girl. All the hypocrites out there fancying white,black and coloured females exposing their stuff and reserving their comments should have their head read.
    To Vounal : You have done us proud by lifting this veil of all Indian women and liberating them from this fake cocoon that they have been living in. I’m pretty sure that more of them will come out from the cracks as you have set the precedent.
    You got it….You flaunt it. You go girl !!!!!!

  11. Dineshan

    Everyone is saying everything is disrespectful… Why? She is a beautiful woman who made the choice not you. She is a human being, her reasons dont need to be explained. Everyone has a choice in life either go with it or dont. How you feel about what you decide is for yourself. She doesnt alter the mind set of a generation. If our government can allow condom dispensors in primary schools how is this a bigger issue then that… Someone once told me people concern themselves with things that will never effect their lives… How many playboy girls are out there… Express yourself and be who you are not what people want you to be.

  12. A_savy

    To be honest i think the people on this panel who have made disgusting comments about this lady should not visit such sites as you feel its distasteful. if you dont agree with this why search the internet for such pictures. Look at FHM and the pictures of Indian celebrities and then speak about them not this woman who was brave enough to pose nude. Go get a life you primitive people and dont comment on such things or view them.

    1. kalai

      Donot say all indians are sterotypical for not accepting nudity not all indians r falling pregnant going to clubs dressing provacatively I will never accept this neither will I let my integrity as a woman down
      What this person does is none of my business but I care about my body and my culture and

      1. asho

        KALAI who gives a toss what u think , get a life n leave this woman be , don’t comment on this site , in fact wtf are u doing on this site anyway… jealous bitch !!!

  13. sniper89

    fuck off kevin, dhiren and nishie …. no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to look at nude pics. if you don’t like it then go and watch pokemon or something.

  14. Dhiren

    Sniper you little nobshine , you wana wank over this stupid pics and defend her actions for her…. Are you her mouth piece , I’m sure she knows about this page, why doesn’t she respond for herself ? Trust a wanker to try and defend his Porn !


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